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Featured site hosted by AddAction.net is Yourmagic.com a site operated by Tobias Beckwith, Inc.

What is the nature and history of your business?

We produce magic shows, manage and promote world-class magicians, and sell magical products to other magicians and to the general public. We have been in business since 1987, for 10 years in New York City, and since 1997 in Las Vegas. We came to Addaction about 7 years ago, largely because we had been unhappy with a previous service provider. One of the big attractions was (and IS) their service of our online catalogue and credit card clearing process.

How do you think having a web presence on the Internet influences your business if at all?

Our site serves customers in several different ways:

Customers for our magic products can find and purchase them easily through the web site. This is a “side” business for us, which we would not be able to afford to run if it had to be a full “bricks and mortar” establishment with full time staff and management. By having it on the web, we can manage the whole thing on a part-time basis, with just two people who spend most of their time doing other things.

Secondly, clients for our shows or magicians can find and learn a great deal about them on the web site before they ever call us to book shows. Once a show IS booked, we have pages available providing promotional materials, technical specifications for our shows, and more…all of which we can do with 1/10th the amount of work and at a speed ten times as fast as if we had to do the whole thing by mail, or even e-mail. All we have to do is send a link to the information needed.

How long have you been hosting your website with AddAction and why did you choose them as your host?

We’ve been with Addaction about 7 years, now. We came, and stay, because the service is great. From time to time I think all sites have minor problems, and rely on the technical support of their web host. Addaction has never let us down in the service department.

Would you recommend AddAction hosting services to others? Why?

I would, and have recommended AddAction. Our previous web host was never as responsive to our problems and need for improvements as they have been. They are always available, and, although we have had one or two incidents (in over seven years of service) when our sites were down for an hour or two, the frequency has been far less than with any of the other web host’s we’ve tried over the years, and response by the Addaction staff has been immediate when they were notified of any problem.

What do you believe the future will hold for your business and website

We’ve only begun. The catalogue sales more than doubled over the past year, and we’ve just now begun to seriously market it properly. We are also beginning to purchase keyword advertising through a couple of different search engines, and expect this to increase our visibility in the corporate and trade show entertainment businesses significantly. The site provides an extremely cheap and highly effective way to deliver as much content as our potential clients could want in a way which we can completely control.

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Yourmagic.com is a site operated by Tobias Beckwith, Inc. A business that produces magic shows, manages and promotes world-class magicians, and sells magical products to other magicians and to the general public with their online e-commerce store.
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